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Shop Ashley Stylist FAQ

Here are some FAQ’s that you might be wondering about before you apply. Here is how our Stylist program works!

  • When you become an Ashley LeMieux Stylist, you become your own business owner!
  • Our minimum first order is far less than the majority of other direct sales companies. Your minimum order is $1,000 worth of inventory to start. This will average being about 30 pieces, and you only need to sell about 16 pieces to make your investment back.
  • We also have a $649 Stylist Starter Pack option, where we send you preselected pieces!
  • You will be marking up your inventory 100%. So, if you spend $1000 this first order, you will make $2000.
  • You’ll be purchasing just the pieces that you WANT to carry!
  • Our sizes range from XS-2X. Carrying an inclusive sizing range is very important to us.
  • You’ll have access to a custom website to sell your inventory from
  • We set the pricing
  • We provide you images for your website and marketing materials
  • Unlike other direct sales opportunities, we build you a custom website so you can also sell online in addition to home parties, pop ups, etc!
  • You will have access to our exclusive Stylist FB group where we will do bi-weekly trainings to help you be successful and grow your business.
  • You will have a designated customer service rep to help answer questions
  • It is important to us to not oversaturate areas with Stylists
  • We are NOT an MLM.
  • We strongly encourage that you talk to your CPA about your new business!

We can’t wait to work with you, and empower more Women Who Do.