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Why We Don’t Have Biological Children

Ashley LeMieux  Uncategorized   Why We Don’t Have Biological Children

Why We Don’t Have Biological Children

Tonight, for the first time, we are talking about why we do not have biological children.

The moment we became parents to children who are not biologically ours, assumptions started. Questions and comments have been made to myself and my family the past 5 years about @mikelemieux and I having our “own” children. From people we know, to people who I’ve never met on social media, I have realized and experienced first hand just how damaging the beliefs of our culture are to families and couples who choose to grow their families “differently” can be. I’ve ignored it for a long time.

Perhaps the biggest tragedy of it all, is the implication that adopted or fostered children are second choice because the parents could not have “their own” children. Or that women who do not have “their own” children are broken and need people to “fix” them. It makes me actually sick. There have moments the past few years I’ve had to bite my tongue and just walk away either literally in person, or from DMs and comments in this space.

Tonight, we are sharing with you why we do not have biological children in hopes that this can be a starting place to a bigger conversation that needs to be addressed.

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