therapy? working out? morning routine? meditation?
you've tried so many things, and are tired of nothing sticking.

But we live in a society that teaches us to just "move on", and we're not actually taught what finding ourselves again after life punches us in the gut looks like.

Let's get you a clear map forward, that will

serve you now,

and into the future.

Frankly, you can't live this way forever

But the problem is, you wake up every day reminded of your circumstances and you can’t get past them. 

You've probably felt at least 1 of these, am I right?:

I miss who I used to be, where did I go?

I don't know where to go from here

When is the version of me coming that is excited about life again?

My world was set on edge and now how am I expected to show up?

I just want to press a big reset button on my life!






Maybe this is the first time anyone has began to understand what you're going through...

It's relieving, isn't it?

You're not always going to feel this way! What if I told you,
that there's a path in which you’re not going to feel stuck in your spiral of thoughts forever?

Or that you’re going to be able to watch an old favorite movie and laugh again...

You’re going to get excited to go to social events again...

You deserve to be happy and fulfilled
and grateful, without dismissing your truth...

This is why I'm fired up to help you
get your fire back for life, and teach you a real, tangible process

that will invite you to

uncover yourself again.

After this training, you'll make significant progress towards something that reignites your fire...

After our 60 minutes
together you’ll:

Learn how to acknowledge and accept your circumstances by creating a life that you want

Have access to tools to make decisions confidently and without self-doubt

Learn the one tool to get your energy back and stop spending time on things that drain it

Feel aligned with a deeper purpose, unlocking a sense of inspiration to move you forward

Create space for what has happened in the past, while also feeling empowered to honor your future

Experience excitement for the future, leaving the event enthusiastic and excited for the future







What people are saying:

i'm ashley lemieux,
and i understand you

8 years ago I experienced the biggest loss of my life. That loss created a ripple effect reaching business, marriage, and self-confidence. Most days it took everything I had to simply get out of bed and when I finally got up, I didn't know what to spend my time doing. I felt so lost and alone and during this time, I wrestled with wondering if there was anything left for me in this life.

I had to figure out how to reframe, reimagine, and rebuild my life and over the course of the next year, I created a proven process that changed everything for me (and now thousands of others): Clarity Map™. 

A few years later, I almost lost my life to sepsis, and as a result, I had a late pregnancy loss of our baby boy. It devastated us and in the midst of the pandemic, the feelings of confusion and loneliness resurfaced. But this time, even though it was still so hard, I wasn't starting from square one. I had my process of finding purpose and intention from business pivots, to keeping our marriage in tact, to knowing where to give my energy and where to say no. This process allowed me to reclaim who I am and find the confidence in my decisions that grief took away from me.

If you’re feeling like you’re starting to find your way back- you’re not going to find your way back,

you’re going to find your way forward.

I’ve helped thousands of women
find their fire for life again.

Now it’s your turn. 

Your path to feeling alive again is closer than you think,
You just need a jumpstart in identifying how to get there.

your story isn't over yet

Ashley Le Mieux



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