12. How Do I Deal With Resentment in My Relationship After Kids? With Dr. Tracy

Welcome back to the Healing Her podcast! Today, I am joined not only by my wonderful husband Mike, but also by couples therapist and relationship expert, Dr. Tacy Dalgleish! Dr. Tracy provides tangible tools on how to improve communication in relationships as well as how to become more self aware. She recently released a book in which she talks about all of this and more called I Didn’t Sign Up for This.  

In this episode, we will be chatting about why couples can feel resentment in their relationship after having kids and ways to work through that. Mike and I will both share moments when we’ve had feelings of resentment, including carrying the emotional weight of being the “parent CEO” and feeling like your partner has no energy for you by the end of the day. Dr. Tracy will walk us through these common feelings and provide us with her expertise on how to better communicate as a couple to overcome them. Keep listening to learn more and don’t forget to connect with Dr. Tracy online!

Website: https://www.drtracyd.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drtracyd/

The Healing Her podcast will dish out practical tools, a touch of humor, and a whole lot of heart to help you uncover your way back to yourself and your peace. We will dive deep into the world of healing in a way that’s as relatable as chatting with your best friend. I’m Ashley LeMieux, a grief expert whose personal journey and masters degree in health and wellness has provided a whole new view on the world. Let’s break down the walls that are keeping us from finding the peace and transformation that we all deserve.

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