22. How do I Parent When I Have Depression? with Michell C Clark

I’m so excited for you to hear my conversation with today’s guest. He’s an entrepreneur, author, father, and (other than my husband) he happens to be the only other male guest I’ve had on the show so far. Michell C Clark shares his powerful story of overcoming depression, and what it was like for him to navigate mental health struggles as a parent. He shares feeling like he wasn’t doing enough in all his different roles and how powerful it was for him to connect with other fathers who understood what he was going through. He also shares about his new book “Eyes on the Road” which helped him process so much of what he experienced through the pandemic, becoming a father, and the growth he’s been through in the past few years. This was another incredible episode I got to film in person while I was in New York City. It was so great to have this vulnerable and real conversation with Michell. We had such a great time and I hope this can be a resource for you and anyone who may be struggling with depression. None of us are alone in what we are feeling.


01:30 Depression in parenthood with author Michell. 

07:15 The big realization that we are still figuring life out as we figure parenting out.

10:00 Not down playing mental health struggles as laziness.

12:45 How did you change your mindset and accept your need for help?

16:00 What did you do specifically to show up as a father while showing up for yourself?

20:00 How has it helped to acknowledge and feel your emotions?

21:15 Why is it important to you to release your book to the world right now?


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