23. What Is Your Most Embarrassing Holiday Story? with Brooke Carlson

The holidays are full of traditions and making memories. In this episode, I’m joined by my sister Brooke as we share some of our most embarrassing holiday stories. From mistakenly opening a Louis Vuitton bag that was meant for someone else to a truly bizarre encounter with a strange man at my baby’s gravesite. We also read some hilarious stories you all sent in. It was so fun to laugh together, and I hope these tales bring you some holiday cheer too!


01:45 The surprise Louis Vuitton bag. 

06:30 A surprise gift mix-up that went viral.

11:00 A dark humor moment at my baby’s gravesite.

15:00 The bizarre encounter with a stranger that I’m grateful to have survived from.

21:00 Opening a cringey gift from my in-laws in front of the entire family.

23:45 A Christmas prank, bathroom emergency, and snapchat mix up.


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