24. What’s The Purpose Of Manifesting? with Gabby Bernstein

I had the incredible honor of sitting down with my mentor Gabby Bernstein in her home in New York City. Gabby has been such an inspiration to me in my own healing journey. In our conversation, Gabby and I got real about what manifesting truly means. It’s not just about repeating affirmations or vision boarding – true manifesting requires looking within at our deepest beliefs and wounds. Gabby shared so vulnerably about her experience overcoming trauma in her own life. For those of you wanting to start a manifesting practice but feeling overwhelmed, Gabby provides the perfect place to begin – her 21 Day Manifesting Challenge. I know y’all are going to get so much out of this chat.


08:00 Where do you start if you want to start a manifesting and healing journey?

12:15 Trauma recovery and manifesting through therapy and spiritual practices. 

18:00 Grief, healing, and personal growth. 

23:00 Gabby Bernstein’s method for manifesting. 


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