26. How Do I Make Changes In My Life When Money is Tight? With Mike LeMieux

Your favorite guest is back on the podcast, my husband Mike, and we’re talking about a topic that’s kind of taboo…money. Mike shares some of the experiences he had when money was tight growing up, and what it was like going from working a dead end job to taking a risk that changed everything for our family. For anyone that is ready to make big changes in their life and is weighed down by the stress of financial challenges, this episode is here to not just give hope but solutions to make your next best action step forward! 


02:15 What were your earliest memories around money?

05:45 Newlywed life scraping by in college. 

09:00 What happened when we became guardians and our family doubled overnight.

11:00 Getting denied a promotion and taking this risk to become the first employee at a social media startup.

16:45 How to gain clarity and more fulfillment in life.

19:00 How do you overcome the fear of failure?

23:00 Buying our dream home and overcoming feelings of imposter syndrome.

29:45 Who is Confident Clarity Live for?


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