27. What Can I Do To Rebuild Trust In Myself After Trauma? With Nicole Walters

Nicole Watlers is back on the podcast, only this time she is interviewing me! This was a first for me being interviewed on my own podcast and really allowed me to open up about my past in a way I haven’t before from abuse to loss that led me to lose trust in myself. In this episode, I share different tools and therapies I’ve used over the years like EMDR, and I share my experience with the loss of the kids we were guardians over and what healing has looked like for me through different seasons since. Nicole really understands that side of building a family from her own experiences. I hope my story can give you hope that even after deep trauma, you can heal, regain trust in yourself, and find clarity. Not only have I done this for myself, but I’ve helped so many others through clarity mapping. Hope to see you in our upcoming live event to start applying these tools to your own life!


05:55 How has your relationship with your parents impacted your personal growth?

09:45 What inspired you to volunteer in the AVID program?

14:30 Becoming guardians to 2 kids at a young age, and what motherhood means.

23:00 What did your journey look like from loss to the decision to grow your family again?

31:15 How do you regain trust in your intuition after loss and trauma?

35:45 The therapy tool to rewire your mindset after trauma.

43:00 Overcoming emotional blocks and finding clarity. 

47:00 How can you begin transforming your personal growth to a whole new level?


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