3. Are You Having Another Baby? And How Do I Grieve With My Partner? With Guest Mike LeMieux

Welcome back to the Healing Her podcast! Today, I am so excited to welcome our first special guest, my husband Mike Lemieux! We are touching on a question that Mike and I get all the time, and that is, are you going to have another baby? And the answer to this question is very complicated.

For years, our goal was to have a child, however, while we were pregnant with our first child, we had to deal with a lot of loss and a lot of heartbreak. Now that we finally have come out on the other side – with a daughter in tow – Mike and I have had to reimagine and recreate the next chapter of our lives together. And we’re still figuring out what that looks like. 

In this episode, Mike and I will be talking about our thoughts and feelings around having more children and how to grieve and heal with your spouse – especially when the way you cope, grieve, and heal is very different from one another. Keep listening to hear more from Mike and I as we navigate this complex question. 

The Healing Her podcast will dish out practical tools, a touch of humor, and a whole lot of heart to help you uncover your way back to yourself and your peace. We will dive deep into the world of healing in a way that’s as relatable as chatting with your best friend. I’m Ashley LeMieux, a grief expert whose personal journey and masters degree in health and wellness has provided a whole new view on the world. Let’s break down the walls that are keeping us from finding the peace and transformation that we all deserve.

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