30. Who Am I Outside of My Relationship? with Anna Kai

I’m so excited to share this conversation I had with Anna Kai on finding yourself and having healthy relationships. Anna is known for sharing her stories of dating in New York before finding her now-husband. Sharing all the lessons she’s learned along the way dating “Chad” after “Chad”. She talked about how important it was for her to find her identity and confidence outside of her relationships and the value of women having financial independence. I even share one of my own embarrassing dating stories and what I would have told my younger self.


00:45 Relationships and dating in New York City.

09:00 My embarrassing dating story that included a shock collar.

13:00 How childhood bullying showed up in life as an adult trying to fit in.

21:45 What is love bombing?

26:15 Self-discovery and financial independence after a painful breakup. 

33:00 What did you do to build your self confidence?

39:30 Meal planning for busy parents. 

42:45 How to find your identity through life changes like becoming a mom.

48:15 Navigating the pressures women face balancing career and motherhood.

52:45 How has working on self love and self discovery reduced your anxiety?

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