32. What if I Fail? With Suzy Hollman

In this episode, I’m joined by my friend and neighbor Suzy. We talked all about overcoming fear and taking leaps of faith in your life and business. Suzy shares her journey of slowly growing her photography business and learning to let go of fear of failure. We talk about why it’s important to surround yourself with people who are successful in the areas of life you want to be successful in and I also open up about closing my clothing boutique and how that ended up being a huge blessing. I hope this conversation inspires you to fearlessly pursue your passion.


02:00 How do you navigate fear of failure when money is involved?

06:15 How to reframe your perspective on failure and learn from your mistakes. 

12:45 Overcoming anxiety and fear of success. 

19:15 The importance of surrounding oneself with supportive people for growth and success. 

23:00 Navigating feelings of failure after I closed my clothing boutique.

28:00 Why is it important to have hobbies and pursue things that bring you joy and fulfillment?

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