33. How Do I Build A Self-Care Routine After Trauma?

Get ready for some simple ways to create new healthy habits after trauma. In this episode, I talk about how the pandemic has impacted all of our lives in different ways, and how I struggled with unhealthy sleeping patterns for years after experiencing grief and loss. Tune in for tools to replace unsupportive coping mechanisms with habits that bring you joy and make you excited about each new day. Be gentle with yourself as you identify your own triggers and take small, consistent steps towards positive change. 

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04:00 Coping mechanisms after loss. 

09:15 Are your coping mechanisms helping your healing and mental health? 

13:15 How to identify and replace unhelpful habits. 

17:30 Self-care and productivity habits for better sleep. 

22:45 Ways I love my body through movement and community. 

27:30 Habits, self-care, and building confidence. 

33:00 The one exercise that will help you feel safe and grow on your healing journey.


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Ashley LeMieux: @ashleyklemieux

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