41. How Do I Protect My Peace? With Ashley and Mike Lemieux

How do I make the peace I desire to feel – my reality? Mike and I have had something odd and creepy threatening our peace over the last few months, and in this episode we’re sharing actionable tips to protect your peace, set boundaries, and reclaim your peace if you’ve lost it. We also share some powerful questions to identify what brings you peace and how you can create peace from within from your mindset to physically setting your life up to have peace and safety in your life. 


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04:15 The bazaar thing that is happening to us and trying to steal our peace. 

06:30 How this experience is triggering me and bringing up past fears.

10:30 Learning more about this organized crime group that is terrorizing our neighborhood.

13:00 Things both Mike and I have been doing to protect our peace.

20:15 How to identify what threatens or gives you peace.

23:00 Where in your body do you feel peace?


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