What can I do to spark joy and find myself again?

There are 4 main reasons you may feel stuck right now and have lost your spark for life. We all experience these things and Mike and I are here to share some studies and personal experiences that have helped us overcome these 4 things that keep us stuck. We share how decluttering our minds has led us to find so much creativity and joy through hobbies and the research that backs up how doing activities with your hands can boost mental well-being after grief. Not only is it possible to heal from grief and find yourself again, the process of healing can actually spark joy along the way.


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00:45 How to use hobbies to heal.

03:15 Going back to therapy and the most profound things we can learn in this life.

06:30 4 reasons you might feel stuck and have lost your spark for life.

12:00 Are you struggling with mental fog or numbness?

20:15 Evidence that creating something with your hands is one of the best things you can do to heal.

31:00 Hobbies I’m bringing back into my life again that are bringing me joy.

37:00 How I found the right therapist for me.

40:00 The power of doing something new that makes you proud of yourself.


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