45. Ways to use social media to benefit your mental health (+ BTS of being an “influencer”)

We’ve got to take our power back from the hungry machine of social media. Whether you are also an entrepreneur and run your businesses online or you’re there to find community I know how these platforms can lead to burnout and joy sucking comparison. In this episode, my husband Mike and I pull back the curtain and share an honest conversation about what it’s really like trying to keep up with impossible standards, and why so many people we know are stepping away from social media, and how to use these platforms to connect and benefit your mental health. 

After listening to this episode, I hope you feel less alone in their struggles, get a glimpse into what it’s like for creators, while also gaining practical tips to use social media in a way that uplifts rather than overwhelms you.


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02:00 What does an influencer or content creator do?

08:15 The time my mental health was struggling and I fired my manager.

13:00 What it’s like having a job where you are held to impossible standards.

18:15 How does it feel today to get half a million views on a reel?

26:00 What I am creating this year to be able to connect with you.

30:00 Why “the game” of social media is burning everyone out.

33:45 Questions to ask to have a healthier relationship with social media.

37:30 Are you consuming content that makes you feel good?

49:00 The time I got uninvited from a brand trip.

55:00 How can we use social media to uplift ourselves and others?


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