44. How can I get my fire back when life knocks me down? (Answering YOUR questions!)

It’s been a rough week! My whole family got the stomach flu and I ended up having to cancel some major (like seriously BIG) guest interviews I had lined up in New York City. As I’ve felt down because of literally being sick, changing diarrhea diapers, and having lost money on top of missing out on a month’s worth of podcast interviews – I realized I was REALLY having to put into practice something I’ve been teaching in one of my most powerful workshops – 3 Ways to Get Your Fire Back When Life Knocks You Down. It’s all about accepting where you’re at, acknowledging your emotions, and then taking action through small, consistent steps. Get ready for the toolbox to get your fire back and make it stick!


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03:15 How to regain motivation after a series of setbacks. 

11:30 The toolbox you need to help you get your fire back!

14:00 The goal I set back when I went septic.

17:45 If you are in a funk and are missing who you used to be, here is how to move forward with confidence and purpose again.

16:00 “Why can’t you just move on from grief?”

23:15 Do you ever wonder if you’ll ever have a zest for life again?

25:00 Regaining enthusiasm and energy after feeling lost or depleted. 

27:00 Action steps you can take to get your zest for life back.


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