47. What Can I Do to Build Self-Trust When I’m Terrified of Failing?

Feeling stuck in a cycle of fear and self-doubt? I am so excited to have this amazing conversation with today’s guest Yasmine Cheyenne. She shares her journey as a single mother, navigating feelings of failure in her relationships and parenting, and the grief she experienced with the loss of her grandmother and a miscarriage.  We dive into the importance of processing past grief and trauma to move forward and rebuild self-trust. Get ready to embrace the power of vulnerability as Yasmine shares lessons from her own journey that she has put together in her new book, “Wisdom of the Path,” to help you in your own healing journey. Remember, it’s okay to be vulnerable and seek support – you are not alone. 


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01:48 How unexpected traumas and grief can lead you to become increasingly afraid of failure.

05:10 Who you need for support during tough times.

10:00 How did you cope with grief compounds?

15:40 The “healing gym” that helped me in my healing journey.

18:16 What is your mantra for resiliency?

25:08 Yasmine’s three key things that helped her start rebuilding self-trust.

31:00 How Yasmine’s empathy for herself led to more emotional resiliency for her children.

34:11 The book that provided the freedom to discover Yasmine’s true self.

35:45 What advice would you give someone who feels stuck but knows they must move forward?


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