48. How Can Mentorship Help Me Align My Business with My Desired Lifestyle?

Today’s guest made more money and worked on her mental health with 1 simple shift! I’m so excited for you to learn how today’s guest, Dr. Lindsay Hill, a psych NP has become a successful entrepreneur. She shares how one-on-one sessions enabled her to launch a successful program, doubling and even tripling the goals she had initially set. She also shares what she’s done to break free from patterns of overwhelm, anxiety, and disconnection she was experiencing in her business. Get ready to unlock the secrets to building a purpose-driven business and life that brings you peace and fulfillment!


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03:04 How to gain clarity when you don’t know what step to take next.

06:22 What was the critical moment that you decided to reach out for one-on-one mentorship?

16:04 What did you gain from mentorship that changed the game for you?

22:07 How Dr. Lindsay built Psych NP Bootcamp.

28:40 How building the business has given our family peace and stability.

31:02 What advice would you give to someone unsure about what to do with their business?


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