5. How Do I Know I’m Making the Right Decision? Bonus Episode

Welcome back to the Healing Her podcast! I am thrilled to be back this week with a bonus episode in celebration of such a successful launch for the Healing Her podcast. I couldn’t thank you guys enough for listening so I figured why not keep the momentum going. 

Do you ever feel terrified of making a decision because you don’t want to make the wrong one? Maybe the fear of what comes next is holding you back? Well, I certainly used to live my life that way and that’s why this episode is all about the five reasons you might struggle with making decisions. I know that I always feel better when I’m able to put words behind my emotions so that’s what I want to help you do too. I’ll also share my five-step, feel good process on how I make my decisions so that I can feel confident and sure walking forward. It’s time to reclaim your power and get unstuck so keep listening to hear more!

The Healing Her podcast will dish out practical tools, a touch of humor, and a whole lot of heart to help you uncover your way back to yourself and your peace. We will dive deep into the world of healing in a way that’s as relatable as chatting with your best friend. I’m Ashley LeMieux, a grief expert whose personal journey and masters degree in health and wellness has provided a whole new view on the world. Let’s break down the walls that are keeping us from finding the peace and transformation that we all deserve.

Find more resources, Ashley's books, and submit your own question to be answered in an episode here: https://ashleylemieux.com/healing-her/

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