50. How Can I Protect My Mental Health on Social Media? Especially as a Content Creator, with Matt and Abby Howard

Ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes of social media stardom? I’m super excited to have my good friends, Matt and Abby Howard, join us on this episode. They share their incredible journey from aspiring theater majors to going viral and building a large following on YouTube. We dive deep into the ups and downs of being in the social media spotlight, including the mental health challenges they face and the importance of setting boundaries to keep their sanity. Plus, they talk about the tricky balance of managing their booming careers while being awesome parents. Get ready to be inspired by their story of staying true to themselves despite all the online noise and judgment. 


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03:30 How theater brought Matt and Abby together.

12:00 When did you realize that your online success was becoming a viable career?

16:00 How Matt handles the pressure and potential for public failure in his music career. 

22:30 Ways to manage outside opinions and feedback.

25:00 Practical ways to protect your mental health from social media pressure.

27:30 The two types of coping mechanisms and if yours is helping or hurting your progress.

30:30 How to handle feedback (and even judgment) on social media.

32:15 What are the challenges of being a public figure as a parent?

45:00 What advice would you give to someone hesitant to pursue their dreams?


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