49. How Can Understanding My Enneagram Transform My Grieving Process?

What if you could have a roadmap for how you uniquely navigate grief? Enneagram Expert, Tracy O’Malley shares how discovering this tool during her time in rehab not only changed her life, but also how it completely transformed her relationship with her kids. We dive into how you can use your enneagram and the information it gives you as your guide to get out of unhealthy coping mechanisms, and get into healing. Tune in for tips to reroute your patterns, and discover how your personality type processes emotions and grief. Remember, healing begins when we embrace our true selves and unique needs in the ups and downs of life.


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02:30 What is the Enneagram?

10:45 Why is it important to understand your instinctual type?

20:30 How self-discovery intensified Tracy when she became a mother.

27:00 What choices did Ashley face amidst her profound grief?

30:00 The importance of taking action vs awareness.

32:15 Tracy’s top tip for breaking generational cycles.

38:00 Why should we acknowledge our “stressor number”?

46:45 How Tracy learned to respond to her daughter’s perfectionistic tendencies.

51:45 How Enneagram transformed the culture in Tracy’s household.

53:00 The life-changing potential of the Enneagram. 


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