18. How Do I Advocate For My Health?

About two weeks ago, I posted a reel on Instagram that has gone a bit viral about how I was going to the doctor for something that I originally went to the doctor for when I was 14 years old and how sometimes, as a woman, it can feel like you’re just not being heard. There are so many women who feel uncertain on how to advocate for themselves in a lot of areas in their life. So let’s talk about it. Also just give a little bit of an update on where I’m at with part of my health because as I’ve talked about it online, so many of you are struggling with a lot of the same pain that I have been in so I thought we’d just do an update and make it a little more juicy, a little more fun.


05:15 My experience and hesitation to advocate for my own health as a woman.

11:00 Why you should trust your intuition and advocate for yourself in medical situations.

19:00 You are worth feeling good; self care and support you need to take care of yourself.

27:45 Ways to advocate for your physical and mental health.


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