Why Are You not Showing Your Daughter Online Anymore?

I’m finally answering a question I get in my dm’s every single day, “Why don’t you show your daughter’s face on Instagram anymore?” As much as I love showing up and connecting with you all online, I’m sharing some real reasons I’ve decided not to show our daughter online right now. I’m a believer that there is so much good in the world. Unfortunately there are also trolls. None of us know how the next generation is going to operate as the first to grow up having their life documented and shared on this internet. Listen in as I share some of the reasons that I’ve come to to protect my family’s privacy. I also share some details on my collaboration with 


05:45 Postpartum, mental health and social media criticism. 

10:45 Navigating social media as a parent with a newborn. 

16:15 The online harassment I experience and protecting my Personal life.

20:15 Hiding my baby from social media to protect mental health. 


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