19. How Do I Set Boundaries In My Life? with Dr Judith Joseph

If you follow along on Instagram, you saw last week I got to record a bunch of podcast episodes in New York City in person! While normally I record podcasts in my car, this conversation with Dr. Judith was another unique experience! We recorded this in the safe in her office and talked all about setting boundaries with family during the holidays, which I know is something a lot of people struggle with. From setting healthy boundaries for work to your in-laws, Dr. Judith gave some really helpful tips on identifying what boundaries you need and how to talk to people when they’re crossed. I’m definitely gonna try some of her advice to make sure I’m taking care of myself this season. 


07:00 How to set boundaries in difficult family dynamics. 

14:45 Ways to stay on the same page as your spouse as you communicate and set boundaries (especially with critical) in-laws.

19:45 Pros and cons of technology and ways to set healthy boundaries from work.

23:15 How can working mothers set boundaries and prioritizing self-care? 

29:00 Self-care and mental health with Dr. Judith Joseph. 


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