28. How Do I Spark Joy And Build Resilience During Challenging Times?

Today’s guest knows a thing or two about navigating challenges and creating joy along the journey. I’m so excited for you to hear this conversation I had with the Chief Editor of Women’s Day and author of Your Fully Charged Life, Meaghan Murphy. We dive into her story of undergoing a preventative double mastectomy, the importance of finding humor even in hard times and what it looks like to be vulnerable with our children. One of my favorite tipsMeaghan shares is how she sets her intentions each day through small actions like dopamine dressing and noticing moments of awe. 


08:15 The power of laughter or finding humor as you are experiencing grief. 

13:00 Resilience, self-care, and showing up for family during hard times. 

17:00 How to teach your kids resilience through your example.

23:45 The small actions that build resilience and create more joy in your life.

28:45 How has creativity and self expression helped you heal?


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Meaghan Murphy: @meaghanbmurphy

Ashley LeMieux: @ashleyklemieux

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