34. What If People Troll You On The Internet? Reacting to Mean Comments + Fatherly Advice with Father Shine

You guys have been asking for this – my dad, “Father Shine”, is on the show and we had the best time laughing together! In this episode, we talk about everything from my Dad’s famous Sunday dinners, to his favorite TV shows, and I get his real reactions reading some mean (and downright hilarious) comments I’ve recently gotten on the internet. Listen in for some fun and fatherly advice.


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05:15 How small comments on the internet can trigger you.

08:30 The time Mike brought home froyo and didn’t get himself any.

11:30 Constant comments I get about my age and appearance on the internet.

25:30 The reason we call my Dad, Father Shine.

31:00 What Sunday dinners are like with Father Shine.

35:45 Are you driven by fear of missing out?

40:00 The types of TV shows people with high stress jobs typically gravitate towards.

42:00 What piece of advice would you share with everyone listening?


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Ashley LeMieux: @ashleyklemieux

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