35. How Can I Navigate Challenges like Infidelity and Loss of a Child? with Joy Harrington

Trigger Warning: Infant Loss 

It’s possible to emerge from life’s hardest times not just surviving but thriving. Today’s guest is relationship and resentment expert, Joy Harrington, and she has such a powerful story overcoming challenges in her marriage to loss of her baby boy Sterling, and now navigating pregnancy after loss. If you’ve experienced loss, grief, or struggles in your relationship, you do not want to miss what Joy has to share. Her tools for releasing resentment, communicating better with your partner, and advocating for yourself will give you so much hope. She proves that with commitment to personal and relational growth, you can come out the other side stronger.

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05:45 Healing from trauma and grief after a partner’s infidelity. 

11:15 Healing resentment in a marriage after infidelity. 

19:45 Tips for communication and emotional release.

24:15 How do you avoid building resentment in your relationship?

32:00 Navigating grief after losing a baby and complicated feelings of being pregnant again after loss.

42:45 Ways to manage anxiety after trauma.

49:00 What are you doing to support yourself in this pregnancy after loss? 

55:15 The power of embracing emotions to find freedom.


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Ashley LeMieux: @ashleyklemieux

Joy Harrington: @joyharrington.ig

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