36. What Would Me 30 Years From Now Hope For Me Today?

I am more excited about this episode than any other episode I’ve done so far! I just ended a few days of connection with so many incredible women all over the world on my webinars I did this week and I’m here to share 2 things that were the favorites from the women who joined in for the webinars live. Through guided meditation, I’ll help you access your inner peace right now, no matter what’s going on around you. I’m also finally sharing something I’ve been working on that is going to be such a powerful tool for you to gain the clarity and fulfillment you want in your life. I feel like my own journey has led up to this moment to be able to help you on your own journey of personal growth. You can transform your life. Tune in to tap into the ability to feel peace anytime you need it.

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04:15 How to create inner peace and happiness. 

11:30 Accessing inner peace and breaking old patterns. 

18:00 How you can access peace and the community you need to heal.

23:15 What would it be worth to transform your life, heal, and make progress towards where you want to be?

30:00 When will you take the next step to invest in yourself and your growth?


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