37. How do I dream again after tragedy and loss? with Richie Norton

Richie has the most incredible story of resilience after experiencing so much loss and tragedy. But he also gave us all so many practical tools for navigating grief, finding meaning, and moving forward with our lives even when things don’t go as planned. Richie has a gift for distilling big ideas into simple actions anyone can take to improve their situation. I know if you listen, you’ll walk away feeling inspired by his journey and with strategies you can implement right away to start living your best life. The powerful perspective that you are the architect of your dreams, and that you MUST put your dreams that bring you to life first.


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01:15 Meet my friend, best selling author and so much more, Richie Norton.

08:00 Getting the news that our son was not going to make it.

11:00 Lessons about honoring life from the depths of loss.

14:00 Why we need to give ourselves grace to feel however we feel during grief.

27:15 How did you go from 3 kids to 6 kids overnight and then experiencing loss again?

34:30 How did you work through the fear of dreaming again?

38:00 The power of building an intentional life focused on your priorities.

42:00 Stop saying “I will” and start saying “I am” changing your identity. 

47:15 Getting the call that his son has been hit by a car.

53:00 The mindset that will change your life.


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