38. When life knocks you down, how do you find the strength to explore new paths?

Get ready to hear some miracles along the road less traveled. While I was in Hawaii I was able to record this chat with Amber Bodily and I know you’re going to feel inspired by her story of healing herself and her children through naturopathic treatments like foot zoning. Amber shares the diagnoses’ her son’s received from Autism to brain tumors and being told her child needed a transplant, to how she never gave up the possibility of a healthier, better future for her and her kids. Listen in as she shares the naturopathic route she has taken by following her intuition and the most powerful and simple things we can do to be in optimal health. 


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04:00 How I discovered Foot Zoning when taking a break from infertility treatments.

09:45 What was it like receiving your son’s diagnosis and being told he’d need a liver transplant by 7 years old?

14:00 How Amber was introduced to alternative healing methods. 

18:45 Natural and simple remedies that people often overlook. 

24:30 What our bodies need especially when we’re stressed and experiencing grief.

29:15 How Amber’s desire to find solutions for her child’s health issues turned into her purpose.

33:30 How did foot zoning help both you and your son’s health?

37:00 Another devastating diagnosis of her second baby’s brain tumors.

40:15 Healing her baby through food throughout her pregnancy.

50:15 The miracle of healing and diving into foot zoning.

57:30 What advice would you give someone who is afraid of the road ahead of them and knows they need to make a change?

1:05:00 Simple self-care practices for overall wellness.


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