39. How Can I Stay Positive and Happy Through Adversity?

My nephew Izzy is on the podcast and I have been so excited to interview him on the show for months! Get ready to be inspired by his incredible story. Izzy shares his journey fleeing violence in Burundi, Africa when he was 14 years old, to learning English as a new language here in America. We dive into how Izzy began playing football, which brought him into our family, and how he’s gone on to be a top awarded player in the state. Through it all, he has kept such a positive spirit and drive to succeed and I know you’re going to be inspired by his resilience. 


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06:00 Moving to a new country and learning english at 14 years old.

14:15 How did you navigate school and support after moving into a group home?

19:00 How Izzy became part of our family.

21:15 Izzy’s determination to excel in school and getting a football scholarship.

30:15 What has inspired you to persevere in the face of adversity? 


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