How Do I Help My Kids Have a Good Relationship With Their Body and Food? With Megan of Feeding Littles

I can pretty confidently say that every single one of us has grown up hearing someone speak negatively about their body, and we definitely didn’t learn skills like intuitively eating in school. Now as we’re navigating taking not only ourselves, but many of us taking care of our kids it’s no wonder we’re stressed about food and knowing how to raise physically and mentally healthy kids. I’m so excited to have Megan from Feeding Littles on the podcast. She is a dietician, certified intuitive eating counselor, and co-founder of Feeding Littles. She is your gal to not only help teach you what and how to approach feeding your kids, but also learn and model a healthy relationship with food and your body! We talk about body image, incredible tips for feeding your kids, and what to do if you feel like you’ve already “ruined” your kids by what you’ve said or modeled for them. 


02:15 What is intuitive eating?

08:00 How to change the way we talk about our bodies because our kids are watching.

16:30 Give yourself grace to teach your kids to love their bodies even when we aren’t there 100%.

19:45 How much should we feed our kids and teach them to be intuitive eaters?

32:00 When is a good time and way to introduce sweets?

35:15 Advice from a nutritionist about how much candy to give your kids on halloween.

43:15 Your job isn’t to make your kid eat, it's to LET them eat.

46:30 How to help your kids get familiar with new foods.

52:15 What is one thing parents can focus on to help their kids eat well?


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